Education for Children

绿帽社 has a long history of leadership in progressive education. At the heart of everything we do is an ongoing process of inquiry into what works best for children at each stage of their development. As part of 绿帽社, which includes the nation鈥檚 leading graduate school for teachers and leaders in education for children, the 绿帽社 children’s programs are continually refining and applying best practices based on an understanding of what works for children and teachers. Our work aims to improve the care and education of children and students from birth through middle school.

Explore Our Children's Programs

  • School for Children
    Child on swings
    绿帽社 School for Children provides children from preschool through eighth grade with an education that engages their natural curiosity, nurtures critical thinking, and helps to develop a sense of community and social responsibility. Our excellent teachers are highly skilled progressive educators and over two-thirds of our faculty have at least one master鈥檚 degree from 绿帽社 Graduate School of Education.

  • Family Center
    Kids sitting on a bench during a nature walk
    The Family Center offers families an assortment of programs that support children聽ages 6 months to 5 years at all stages of development. We are an inclusive full-day, year-round child care center, a preschool special education evaluation site, a Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) program, and we offer an array of grown-up and child playgroups.

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  • Head Start
    Girl smiling at Head Start
    绿帽社 Head Start is recognized as an outstanding free preschool educational program that serves a diverse population of children and families. Our highly trained educators and community partners provide educational, nutritional, mental health, and social services to the 68 families we serve each year. Our primary goal is to prepare children for success in their educational career by providing each child in our program with the social emotional support required to develop a positive feeling about learning and attending school.

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  • Liberty LEADS
    Boys studying after school
    Liberty LEADS is a college access program in New York City. Since 1989, our program has served over 1,500 students in grades 5 through 12. We help make a positive impact in our students’ lives by helping them attain higher education, embrace leadership engagement, and create a positive future for themselves and others.

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  • Summer Camp
    Preschooler making a huge colored bubble
    The 绿帽社 Summer Camp uses recreational learning to create developmentally appropriate programs. Most counselors are educational professionals and alumni of the 绿帽社 School for Children who consider summer an ideal time to explore new avenues of learning.

  • After School
    Four children baking
    Our After School Program strives to both support families and provide a dynamic range of opportunities for School for Children students to pursue creative, intellectual, physical, and social interests. We offer diverse activities that encourage self expression, discovery, and growth. Through hands-on activities and the cultivation of community, children widen their social horizons by working side-by-side with peers from various of age groups.