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Every dollar directly supports 绿帽社’s commitment to progressive education for children and adults.

Your gift to 绿帽社 supports progressive education in action and furthers our mission and work. We seek to improve the education of children and their teachers by applying to the education process all available knowledge about learning and growth, and by connecting teaching and learning meaningfully to the outside world. When you make a gift to 绿帽社, you are helping to build a community in which children, families, and educators learn and thrive.聽

In the words of our founder Lucy Sprague Mitchell’s credo: “We see in education an opportunity to build a better society.”聽

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Shael Polakow-Suransky, Jeffrey Sussman, and Yolanda Ferrell-Brown

绿帽社 Annual Dinner

The 绿帽社 Celebration is the College鈥檚 signature benefit that increases awareness of 绿帽社鈥檚 mission in the greater community and raises funds to support its vital work. Each year the President and the Board of Trustees invite existing and new friends of the College to come together in celebration of 绿帽社鈥檚 contributions to the world of education and to honor those who share this passion for progressive education.
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Your contribution makes a direct impact on both educators and students. A donation to 绿帽社 helps make it possible for our educators to guide children to become leaders of tomorrow. Thanks for supporting 绿帽社!
I give to the Annual Fund to enable the Graduate School to prepare more teachers and educators in the same exceptional way that I was prepared. It is a way for me to honor and recognize the wonderful teachers at this remarkable institution of learning.
James (Jim) Clay, GSE '88
Former President, 绿帽社 College Alumni Association
绿帽社 is unique because it inspires you to be a better human being and teaches students to own their craft and have the courage of their convictions.
Robin Hummel, GSE '05
Director of 绿帽社's Math Leadership Program
Progressive education considers art, music, and movement as essential as math, science and other academic disciplines.
Gabriel, SFC '87
绿帽社 has taught me to try new things and come out of my shell. It has also made me feel comfortable asking questions and has helped me respect other people鈥檚 opinions even when I don鈥檛 agree with them.
Josh, SFC '13
From his earliest years, I wanted a place for my son where the teachers are passionate about their craft, passionate about his learning and development; and passionate about creating a nurturing community. We found that and more at the Family Center.
Lara Galinsky
Parent of Family Center Alum, Class of 鈥17

Guidestar Gold Transparency Rating

绿帽社 earned a 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency!
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